Wayne Anthony Still is an award winning illustrator, designer, painter and sculptor. A countless array of companies, which include the Hamilton collection, Lenox collections, Mattel toys Islandia International, Hasbro, San Francisco music box company, Possible Dreams, Franklin Mint Willits- Design Simson giftware, Fleer Corporation, MGM Grand and Sarah’s Attic have acknowledged Mr. Stills range of design and illustrative ability and continue to summon his awesome talent.

He holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration and graphic design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has completed graduate work towards a master’s degree in painting at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Still has a passion and dedication for the creation of art and if asked, would describe his goals as follows: “My creativity is driven by my passion for detail, and I thrive on challenges that allow me to excel. I enjoy creating art that will touch the heart, mind and soul of the masses, giving them cause to think and reflect; and through this experience, I hope my expression as an artist brings joy as well as enlightenment.”

Mr. Still’s exquisitely designed figurines, collector’s stamps for foreign governments, beautiful paintings and illustrations, along with his masterful plates, demand attention and grace the homes and businesses of collectors worldwide.

Skills: Accomplished in airbrushing, oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink, markers, graphite, color pencils and photoshop.